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Description is a free IOGame. If you love animals, and especially these tiny ones that are like little loving balls of fur, called Hamsters, you're going to love the protagonists of this online multiplayer io game. Cute hamsters, unique environment, and skill-based controls mix together to bring you the cutest of the io games out there. Prepare to embark in an adventure never seen before as you level up your hamster and unlock new stuff to make it unique and your very own! is the worldwide online multiplayer fast-paced hamster racing game, takes on races against people all over the world and try to beat the quickest records on each track! Noticed the golden coins over the level? Be sure to collect as much as you can, because in the game shop, you can unlock skins and trails which will make your hamster look unique, some skins & trails are also limited and exclusive, so be sure to keep an eye watching! Watch out for swinging hammers, as they will bump you out of your path so you fall and have to restart from the spawn area, and use fans and springs to get to higher places on the level, where there may be more golden coins to collect, or even the goal of the level. The levels for this online game are very tricky, so you have to always keep an eye where you're moving, as there can be holes and other kind of obstacles to prevent you from completing the level, jump, dodge and go very fast as you make your way through while seeing other players falling from the sky, what a fun experience! You can also notice that each time a game ends you get your Worldwide Position, this means the game can also be competitive, and you can show up in the largest of the leaderboards found in the menu, if you're good enough you could make your name last forever in this space, not only that; If you beat a time record on *any* level, you will get your name and time featured in the Leaderboards Panel in the spawn area, how cool is that? But keep on it, as other people will take it on and try to beat your times to kick you out of the board, how long will you last? It also comes with a level editor, so feel free to come up with your own tracks, and they will get added to the game automatically so other people will be able to race them. is playable on the browser, in a computer or in a mobile device, don't forget to try it out or you might miss out on an awesome game experience! I won't be keeping your attention for more, get in with your new cute hamster, race with him and other players online, and most importantly; Enjoy!

Controls - W A S D to move - Mouse to look around and Jump The game supports gamepads So if you got an xbox360 PS4 or PS5 controller you can connect it to your device and start playing as if it was a console game