4 Games For 2 Players

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Do you have fun with four different games for two players that you can play with your friend? 4 different entertainment in one. Difference awaits you and your friend in every game. Race with your friend, fight and win. more fun and more adventure in every game. You can compete with your friend in the first game. The last one to touch the obstacles wins. Remember, you have to survive. In the second game, the top scorer wins, dont forget you have to beat your friend. score and win. In the third game you have to be very careful to survive in the battle of tanks and make the right shot at the right time. blast your friend and win. In the fourth

1 Press the w and Up Arrow button to jump in the game 2 Press wasd and Arrow keys to move in the game 3 Use WASD and arrow keys to move in the game use Q and Space Button to shoot 4 Use the W or Up Arrow button to shoot in the game Mobile Control